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A internet radio recorder. Turns broadcasts of e.g., or into RSS feeds with mp3 enclosures.

Scrapes the websites to get proper descriptions, then does a match and schedules recordings in case.

Built lightweight to run nicely on a raspi - - or any other debian-like system.


    $ curl > && dash

    - (MIT License)
    - (MIT License)
    - (MIT License)


Add a Radio Station
    - provide basic data about the station in stations/<name>/app/station.cfg
    - write a runnable scraper stations/<name>/app/scraper.rb (see stations/b2/app/scraper.rb)
    - wait until daily cron job picks up or run manually (sudo -u www-data htdocs/app/cron/
    - find broadcast xmls in stations/<name>/<year>/<month>/<day>

Add a Podcast to record
    - provide basic data in podcasts/<name>/app/podcast.cfg
    - modify the 'match' lua function (see podcasts/krimi/app/podcast.cfg)
    - wait until hourly cron job picks up or run manually (sudo -u www-data htdocs/app/cron/
    - find matched broadcasts in podcasts/<name>/<station>/<year>/<month>/<day>
    - find enclosures in enclosures/<station>/<year>/<month>/<day>


    - (
    - (recipe)